I hate applesauce. It stole my wife (welovegaloshes) wrote in squiddo,
I hate applesauce. It stole my wife

3 things.

#1. i hate my black towel because the band shrunk, but the terry towel did not.

on an unrelated though, i need face clothes.

so i put two and two together and feel like an idiot for not thinking of it sooner

#2. i've written part of a manifesto for squiddo after being inspired at ponycow's conference speech. it's just start bound to be re-written, but here it goes

We are surrounded by bad art. our ears bombarded with bad music. we watch bad movies, wear ugly clothes. we do this because someone tells us to. Tommy Hilfiger tells us to, 'Nsync tells us to, Hollywood tells us to. Constantly marketed they've seized our lives. They've brainwashed us, sold us their goods, and took home their fat paychecks. We're suckers.

It's time we took back control.

(Also i added three areas of concentration, let me know what you think of the titles--Social Awareness, Consumer Control, and Self Assertiveness
social awareness being, where to volunteer, organizations to support, who you can knit for etc.
consumer control can be bartering, trading clothes, sewing and making things, business to support and boycott
self assertiveness can be speak up, make zines, write articles kind of based on what ponycow said)

#3. someone is spinning their dogs hair. i assume to knit with. hmmm,
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