I hate applesauce. It stole my wife (welovegaloshes) wrote in squiddo,
I hate applesauce. It stole my wife

fun things to do

1. laugh at cam shaw
2. give flowers to cute seniors
3. learn pi to 25 decimal places
4. then brag to all your friends
5. spin in a circle
6. knit a uterus
7. change rap lyrics so they are about world peace, and how smart girls are
8. read the scum manifesto
9. go to haiku-o-matic if its still around
10. write a letter to your a friend in a haiku or poem
11. make a collage with old magazine
12. have a sock puppet show
13. play on the swing set or playground
14. find someone with airhockey or ping-pong
15. make play-dough (sue has the recipe)
15.5 and use it to explain biblical differences
16. read a children's book
17. look through your old pictures
18. draw a self portrait
19. draw charactures of people you hate
20. have a candlelit bath
21. buy yourself flowers
22. put your pig-tails extra high
23. pretend you're a muffin (??)
24. do the pi dance of joy
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