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things for the site

so, down to business about the website.

i don't think i have any crafty bits to sell yet. maybe some personal posessions, i'll have to sift around. i'm going to make travel journals like the diaries we made (i am so happy with how it turned out, i'm going to buy a grommitter. sue's estatic) out of the world map because i crushed it. other things we could make

-t-shirt surgeries
-clear tape and duct tape wallets
more ideas?
can you find anymore directions for binding those journals?

perhaps we should find out some intricacies of ebay. i've been scared of it, but i could ask danika since she's on there all the time. also start compliling a list of cool sites we can link to. maybe a list of some cool books, magazines, movies. after we get some stuff on the sight we can start leaving cool business cards or small flyers in random places (cool library books,)
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